??????>Uncontested Divorce in Connecticut

While marriage lays the foundation for two people bonding together as one, divorce is the process where the couples decide to separate. After many years of marriage when couples just realize that the relationship is not working on anymore, that is the time they decide to get divorced. The process of getting separate and living alone may require you to complete various legal formalities, upon completion of which you are legally no more bonded in the relationship of marriage. However, there is something very interesting called uncontested divorce in Connecticut. This is something that helps the people get divorced in a very easy and simple way. The divorce happens in the Connecticut superior court. An uncontested divorce in ct happens when there are no financial or property issues in dispute. And also there is no dispute about the custody of children or any other thing between the partners. Such individuals need not attend any case management conference. However, there are certain parameters that apply to uncontested divorce in ct. Both the individuals should have lived separately for more than a year and both the individuals agree well on the division of any kind of assets between them. All the division of the assets including the custody of children is well agreed upon by the individuals. Also, either of the individuals must have been living in Connecticut for more than a year now and in cases of domicile, before filing the divorce either of the spouses must have returned back to the state with the intention of making it a permanent residence. Uncontested divorce in Connecticut is one of the most peaceful and quick way for couples getting separate and following different paths for their lives. A 90-days period known as ‘cooling period’ is also provided to the individuals during which they can negotiate with each other before the divorce is finalized. Upon completion of the cooling period, couple receives a notice from the court confirming the dissolution of their marriage. After that they need to reach to an agreement on the terms and conditions of the division of assets and liabilities, and also the child support.

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