There Are More Places to Visit in Connecticut

Connecticut, one of the smallest states in the nation, is not well recognized as a tourist location. However, if you do your homework you might find that it is a pleasant place to spend your holiday. It is a place worth the visit. In the past, you may have traveled in Florida, Arizona, or Colorado, but now you wish to find more regions to visit in your country. Maybe this is the time to have a agreeable vacation exploring the Connecticut tourist areas; you’ll particularly enjoy the seaside or the gold coast in Connecticut.

The Connecticut Seaside
Thirteen miles due east of New Haven there are more places to visit in the Connecticut tourist area known as Guilford. This area is perhaps the earliest Connecticut colonial community, dating back to 1639. Here, you explore many historic homes and a couple of these homes are accessible to holidaymakers.

Twenty miles outside of New Haven is Madison. Here, Connecticut showcases numerous historical structures, many of them grand homes. An agricultural district surrounds Madison and visitors to the area will enjoy the characteristic architectural style as it was in the 1700s. While traveling around Madison, you might want to stop at the Connecticut tourism department and locate Hammonasset State Park, which is located within the peninsula on Long Island Sound. This State Park has the only public recreational seaside beach for water activities in this area.

New Haven Connecticut
The New Haven area has had its share of Economic difficulties. However, the financial climate has improved during the last few years. Traveling throughout Connecticut you should take time to discover the State. New Haven has its entertainment, with its theaters and performing art centers. If you only wish to sight see and take photographs, Connecticut offers you plenty with its museums, and of course world renowned Yale, one of the nations prestigious universities.

You can take your entire household on this vacation. You and your household will get much pleasure from seeing how the upper class lives in their gated communities on Long Island Sound. Connecticut’s exclusive coastline is situated in the southwestern corner of that State, and holds the treasure of fantastic mansions, exquisite marinas, and multimillion-dollar condominiums. This favorite spot for Connecticut tourism is one of the wealthiest regions in the United States.

Fairfield County is known as the Connecticut Gold Coast. However, as you travel inland you’ll notice that the wooded areas begin to become more dense, and the land gradually has an upward incline. In place of the yachts, you begin to see horses grazing in their paddocks on many large estates. As you tour inland visit Connecticut’s outstanding restaurants, and take a stroll along the quaint streets. Do a little gift shopping at the exclusive bounties and make some time to be with your family on the seaside. There are quaint villages along the north shore known are Connecticut tourism locations.

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