Which Types of Weddings Can You Plan in Connecticut?

Is Connecticut an odd destination for weddings? Depends upon the time of year and where the ceremony is held. While it seems that, at least over the past 20 years, weddings have turned into lavish affairs, getting married on a budget has also caused some couples to plan their ceremonies and receptions close to home. At the same time, themes have also grown in popularity, and Connecticut is the perfect location for many seasonal-themed weddings.

For those locally on a budget, Connecticut has various locations for weddings. Banquet facilities are all over the state, and many have the space and features to accommodate a large guest list. Such facilities may have banquet halls of varying sizes, outdoor grounds for a ceremony, and a catering staff for the reception. This way, you can stay close to home, have your ceremony and reception in one location, and have reliable caterers.

At the same time, seasonal weddings are growing in popularity, and Connecticut’s clear seasonal changes are the perfect backdrops for such events. Fall weddings, in general, are particularly popular. If for fall you think of leaves changing from green to brown, orange, and gold, find a facility in the state with such a view. If the weather’s nice, consider planning your ceremony outdoors next to the gorgeous foliage, and then moving your reception indoors to a location with a view of the leaves. While such a picturesque background is perfect for a local wedding, out-of-towners enamored with New England’s autumn should consider finding a location in Connecticut for a fall-themed reception and ceremony.

But don’t forget about the other seasons. Connecticut experiences noticeable snowfall and beautiful springs and summers. For such outdoor weddings, however, plan ahead for the weather. While lush greens and flowers enhance the theme of your special day, rain can spoil it. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception make sure to have a tent covering all guests.

For those with larger budgets, consider destination weddings in Connecticut. Another trend growing in popularity, destination weddings bring all your guests to a location for a ceremony and reception. If Connecticut’s seasons are a particularly significant draw for you, think about scheduling a destination wedding in the state.