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Question: My silver fillings are wearing out. What should I do?

Everything wears out eventually, and silver fillings are no exception. They have to endure an incredible amount of biting force, and as they age, they wear down and sometimes break.

The edges of the filling may break or a space may open open up between the filling and the tooth. When this happens, the filling loses its seal and no longer protects the tooth from decay. In fact, you may not even notice until you starting feeling some pain from the tooth.

If you start feeling pain, it’s time to visit your New Haven dentist. When your dentist recommends a restoration to replace a worn-out filling, both the size of the filling and the amount of remaining tooth structure are considered. In the removal of teh old filling, there just may not be enough enamel. If there is not enough tooth, you may need a crown.

When a worn-out filling is fairly small, you could safely replace it with another silver filling. However, it too will eventually wear out and have to be replaced again. When a worn filling is larger, and less tooth structure remains, tooth fractures become a problem. In this case, the entire front half of the tooth can brake or even the sides can break away. You’ll be left hold pieces of tooth which basically can’t be used.

By switching to a gold or porcelain onlay or crown, they can strengthen the tooth and prevent the occurrence of problems such as this.

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