Connecticut Physical Therapy at Home

Connecticut physical therapy allows patients that have been injured to restore body movement so that they can fully operate on a daily basis. Physical therapy CT services treat many disorders including stroke recovery to regain motor movement or surgical recovery to increase movement in body part after an operation. For example, after knee replacement surgery many elder adults require physical therapy to increase flexibility and movement in the leg to ease walking.

When elderly patients must undergo extensive physical therapy, many must move into skilled nursing facilities during the time that they are undergoing therapy due to the fact that they are unable to take care of themselves at home. Patients with such conditions as hip replacement require regular physical therapy, and since many elderly cannot stay at home to take care of themselves while recovering, they must often resort to nursing homes while healing.

Fortunately, many home health care agencies CT now provide physical therapists that will come into home to perform physical therapy on elderly patients. This allows seniors to remain living independently in their home and receive therapy without having to leave. Usually physical therapy is offered in addition to home caregiver service whereby a caregiver comes to the home to assist with activities of daily living like cooking, dressing, bathing and such. The physical therapist would come in to work with the patient on a set schedule until movement is restored. The patient has their other needs met by the caregiver, and the whole operation runs smoothly with little stress or frustration.

They help to maximize health by establishing a treatment plan to assist individuals with injury or disease and work with the patient until they are able to get back to health. Physical therapy CT personnel offer a team effort with other home health caregivers so that
the whole person receives the care that is needed to keep them comfortable and safe at home.

Because Medicare pays for physical therapy CT care, senior patients can rest assured that if they choose to remain in the home, they will usually be able to have Connecticut physical therapy covered by their insurance. As therapists work with home health care patients, they help to build strength and regain their movement so that they can get back to normal life with activities that they can perform themselves.

Connecticut physical therapy services as provided by  Home care agencies CT are the best alternative to expensive hospital or  newenglandhomecare  facilities.

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