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Question: What is a Digital X-Ray?

The fact we’re answering this question is great. Another “anxiety” I get sometimes when visiting New Haven dentist is taking X-rays. You need to open your mouth over and over again, hold this razor sharp packet in place in your mouth which REALLY hurts sometimes. Until recently, our only option when taking a dental X-ray was the exposure of a small film packet, which then took between five and ten minutes to develop. Talk about a waste of everyone’s time. Do we wait to develop Polaroid’s anymore?

Usher in the Digital era and now we have “digital radiography”.
With this technology, dentists can enhance images in a variety of ways to improve viewing and avoid the chemicals used in the traditional developing process (making for a greener dental experience).

Digital radiography uses a small sensor connected via USB to a computer instead of a painful film packet. Taking X-rays is faster because the sensor is quickly moved from tooth-to-tooth and no time is wasted reloading a film packet and getting things into position for each image. It’s also faster because the X-rays are available immediately on the computer monitor, with no development step in between.

For those who hate to wear that big, lead vest while x-rays are taken there is more good news. Digital X-ray exposure is shorter than conventional X-rays and the amount of X-ray radiation is reduced by up to 90%.

Digital X-rays allow Dentists to see details and make adjustments that hugely aid in the diagnosis of a patient. Just like any digital camera, it can be instantly retrieval at a later date and there is less risk of losing them.

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