North American Power Is Now Live In Connecticut

It was a special day in Connecticut for the new energy supplier, North American Power (NAP). On June 26th, 2010, NAP officially launched in Connecticut, with future plans of soon expanding down to Maryland and Pennsylvania. If you have not heard yet, the deregulated energy market will help save millions of people on their electricity and natural gas bills and also create some tremendous wealth in the process. NAP reported their 20,000th customer, being in business for only a few short months since prelaunch back in early March.

The launch convention was held at the Marriott in Stamford and had around 500 attendees, including the founders Kerry Breitbart and Carey Turnbull. The topics discussed included energy deregulation, growth forecasts and a business overview for new energy brokers. Connecticut is just one of the many states to deregulate their energy market, and pretty soon, we’ll begin to see the rest of the country do the same. Companies like North American Power are strategically positioned to cash in, but to also let even the small guys get a piece of the pie. As reported in previous articles, the deregulation of th energy market will be the catalyst for a massive transference of wealth.

If you are a resident of Connecticut, how with you be affected? For one, you’ll be able to take advantage of deregulation by getting a lower rate on your electricity/ natural gas bill. You’re current utility company will still deliver your energy, but your supply will come from NAP. The only real change will be the charge reflected on your bill. Secondly, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in NAP’s energy broker business and help people you know save a decent amount of money each month, as well as get paid to do so. For each residential and commercial property you sign up you can earn an upfront commission and also residual income each month. For further compensation details please visit:

I would recommend (from someone who works in direct sales) that you don’t take this opportunity lightly. Nearly every single person you know uses electricity and would love to save money. Even on a part time basis you can earn some nice additional income for yourself. Inaction will result in nothing. If becoming a broker makes sense to you as a resident of Connecticut, visit the website below.

Joey Fratantoni is a certified energy broker with North American Power. To learn more about North American Power, hear broker testimonials and see why this company is the fastest growing supplier in Connecticut visit: North American Power Review

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