Outdoor vs. Indoor Connecticut Weddings

So you have found yourself newly and happily engaged and fine tuning each detail of your wedding, but now it is time to select the venu. With so many options in Connecticut it can be difficult to select a location that is right for your wedding. The first thing that you have to choose between is whether you want your wedding to be outdoors or indoors. This is often a difficult choice for couples and may take some time to decide, so if you are not under an immediate time constraint it is important to take into consideration many facts when choosing your venue.

You may want to consider the date of your wedding, if it is in the months when winter is drawing near or even in the dead of winter then you may want to go with a warmer venue with a roof. Or if you will be tying the knot in a month that is notoriously raining in Connecticut it is probably a safe bet to book a church, country club, or other indoor locale for your wedding. The indoor venue typically offers couples more control as they do no thave to worry about bad weather rolling in, but Mother Nature makes no promises for couples who decide to have their ceremony outside.

If your wedding is in one of the warmer months then an outdoor wedding could be right for your ceremony. Outdoor ceremonies are beautiful and give a couple’s wedding an alternative feel. But it is important to take into account the heat outside at that time of year; you wouldn’t want your guests to be unbearably hot through your ceremony. If you decide to book an outdoor venue you may want to see if there is an emergency indoor venue that they offer for back up in case of rain or extremely high temperatures.

When choosing the venue for your Connecticut Wedding it is important to take all of these factors and more into consideration. If you have an experienced Connecticut wedding planner they will be able to answer any questions about the venue and even make suggestions.

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