Choosing a Menu for Your Connecticut Wedding

Planning a wedding is just the first step in a long and happy marriage for couples and there are many details that go into planning happy celebrations. People tend to think of the bigger details first when it comes to wedding planning, such as venue and the dress – but what about the smaller details such as food. While the fare at a wedding may be one of the last things on the minds of the bride and groom it is often the first thing that guests think about.

In some states there may not be a food that they are well known for, but this is not the case in Connecticut. The Nutmeg State is the proud home to a wide variety of food that it is famous for, including: seafood, hamburgers, and pizza. While the latter two may not seem like an excellent choice for your reception they may make excellent late night treats for guests who party long into the night. Seafood could make for excellent wedding fare, especially if you are tying the knot on or near the beach.

Before making an agreement with a caterer for the food for your wedding make sure you conduct a taste test to ensure that you like all of the food. Because catering can be expensive it is good to make sure you are paying for something that you and your guests will both enjoy on the big day. Make sure that your caterer offers vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or any other diet-restrictive foods for guests who may request these dishes.

It is also important to consider where your guests will be eating and how you are going to properly store the food. This is something that the caterer will probably take care of but you may want to review all of the reception protocol with the caterer before the event. Another decision to make is whether you want to have a served dinner or if you would like a buffet-style meal. If your ceremony is very formal you may want to opt to have a formal dinner to match.

By searching for “weddings CT” online you can easily find a wide variety of caterers to meet your Connecticut reception needs. You may also want to search for consumer reviews when selecting a caterer as these will typically be very honest and easily accessible online.

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