Planning a Wedding in Connecticut

Planning a wedding in Connecticut is just like preparing for a ceremony and reception in any other location. While Connecticut’s landscape, particularly with the orange and brown leaves falling off the trees in autumn, makes a perfect backdrop to any wedding, several other factors for your special day need to be considered.

In general, wedding planning starts with making the guest list. Before you even choose a venue or send out invitations, come up with a list of all guests. This amount will help you decide on where to schedule your ceremony and reception and how much food will be needed.

At the same time, consider the theme for your Connecticut wedding. Themes are helpful for coordinating event, including deciding on location and décor. Seasonal themes, such as autumn, spring, summer, winter, or a beach wedding, are fairly common, and Connecticut has outdoor and indoor locations for all of these. For autumn and winter weddings, however, consider holding at least the reception indoors, but in a location with a view of the outside, be it the orange and gold leaves falling off the trees or the pristine snow blanketing the ground. For a seasonal wedding, go to the grounds of a facility and examine the space. Will it enhance the theme? Will the banquet hall or terrace have a view of the outdoors?

For convenience, many hold their Connecticut weddings in one location. Rather than having guests travel from a church to a banquet hall, look for a facility with enough space for both – preferably grounds for the ceremony and a banquet hall for the reception. If you’re expecting a larger crowd, make sure both spaces can accommodate all guests. At the same time, if you are planning a ceremony or reception outdoors, be prepared for the weather with a tent or another form of coverage.

Part of planning a wedding in Connecticut is the food. Ideally, the facility for the reception and ceremony should also provide catering. If so, work with the staff to put together a menu for all guests. While such facilities often have prepared menus for certain group sizes, a staff is more than likely to work with your needs.

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