Laser Liposuction in Connecticut

With the advancement in liposuction technology, liposuction procedures have become much simpler with reduced recovery time. Laser liposuction is an advanced technique, which has received a great deal of attention due to its effectiveness in removing excess fat from the body. When considering laser liposuction in Connecticut, you obviously want to review all your options.

Laser Liposuction for Effective Fat Removal and Enhanced Tissue Tightening

Laser liposuction is an advanced, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedure that helps to remove fat quickly and provide outstanding body sculpting with fewer risks.

• Virtually any body area can be treated
• Performed under local anesthesia
• Minimal discomfort
• Less trauma

Laser liposuction procedure is offered in many reputable plastic surgery centers in Connecticut. Among the laser lipolysis devices available, SmartLipo TriPlex is the latest innovation that ensures enhanced body sculpting results. SmartLipo TriPlex from Cynosure utilizes 3 laser wavelengths: 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm to provide superior fat removal and enhanced tissue tightening results.

Once you have acquired all details about the procedure, the next important thing is to find the right surgeon and plastic surgery facility in Connecticut. This may take quite some time and you may have to schedule appointments with several plastic surgeons to choose the right one.

Prior to committing to undergo the procedure, make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed by your surgeon.

Important Factors to Consider

When searching for a plastic surgeon in Connecticut, give serious consideration to the following:

• Check whether the surgeon’s staff is courteous and friendly
• Make sure that the facility has advanced equipment and technology
• Check whether the surgeon is board certified
• Be sure your surgeon is experienced in providing laser liposuction
• Check whether surgeon takes the time to explain to you the procedure itself, as well as its possible complications and side effects

With an experienced, skilled surgeon you can easily achieve your cosmetic goals.

Laser Liposuction Connecticut – Greenwich Smartlipo, an advanced plastic surgery center located in Greenwich, Connecticut specializes in providing safe and effective liposuction surgery using SmartLipo TriPlex™.

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