Relation of Crime and Political News

Crime is the black side of coin if society has two faces. Life may not be exactly as simple as segregating black from white but ideals are what keep forces motivated. We are expected to follow the norms meant for common good and whenever we deviate from them for our selfish being we violate rules and hence commit crime. No matter what has provoked us to act in such a way or whether the justice would ever be done or not definition of crime will remain same. Criminal Cases India is a proof of the statement made. Things become worse when we commit crime in influence of greed for money. Mingling of Politics with crime is an issue to fret because security and integrity of whole nation is under question. Political news of arrest and abscond of politicians for innumerable cases is nothing new. Coming from Bihar news they never catch us by surprise.


As a citizen of a nation we are provided with some fundamental rights but it is a widely accepted fact that rights can never be exercised under threat. Crimes represent that threat only when we never know that our neighborhood can become a prey to it. As the case is, those whom we trust generally betray us just like the politician we entrust our valuable votes during elections. Political news about criminal cases against politicians may be a matter of proud for them but disgusts the common man. Politics has gone to new low over decades.


Bihar was considered deeply influenced due to lack of education and widespread poverty. Criminal cases India has mostly the account of UP, Bihar, Uttarakhand, and Jharkhand Politics. The things are now seemed to be improving as the new leader now leads Bihar. Bihar News now reports gradual improvements but roads are still very long and not being walked they need a great effort.


Common man now doesn’t believe on system that is dictated by handful of people we know as Politicians. The trust cultivated by pre-Independence politicians is gone long back. Educated people now don’t even take part in elections. Political news about aging and corrupt politicians doesn’t do any good. Criminal cases India as quoted in Bihar news or any other state for that matter only contributes in more abhorrence from Politics in the eyes of locals. In the face of such dark we don’t know what good can be expected and from where if we chose to remain on sidetracks of Politics.



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