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My name is John Buchanan and I’m the founder of . If you’re looking for information on how to choose the best Dentist in New Haven, you’re in the right place.

We’re trying to inform everyone in New Haven as much as possible about the dental industry and answer as many questions as possible, which is why we’ve gotten so much attention from the Internet and word of mouth.

Let’s jump right into the next question, shall we?

Today’s Question: How often do you attend conferences and or education workshops?

Virtually every industry in the world has been advanced do to science and technological breakthroughs. The dental industry is no different. Ask the dentist in question if they have been to the 2010 Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) last year and if they are going to be renting a booth, engaging in training and education at the the one in 2011. The Greater New York Dental Meeting is held every year, and has attracted 60,000 dental professionals from around the world in 2010! Your Dentist really should be there.

There, your dentist will be exposed to the latest in Dental Medicine, Dental Technology, Dentistry, Laboratory Technology, etc. The Visitor Profile for a venue like that is: Professionals from the field of Dental services, Production, Wholesale, Scientific research, Information/consulting services, Educational establishment, Doctor, Scientific researcher.

If that doesn’t sound boring you, you must not be a Dentist! I hope it makes MY dentist feel happy and giddy inside. Who wants to look at new Stomatological equipment,tools, and drills for dental offices anyway (just my dentist I hope)? If you want the best dentist, you REALLY need one who is active, gets better every year, and is on the cutting edge of technology and has a genuine interest in this stuff. It also helps if they know what they’re doing.

If your dentist has no plans to go, it would make me seriously considering another one. Why on earth wouldn’t you go? I also love cars. Why wouldn’t I want to go to the car show in NY if it was the biggest and best in the world?

If your dentist who lives in New Haven doesn’t go, but people fly in from as far as Finland to attend, it makes wonder what’s going on? It’s in your best interest to get the best dentist you can find.

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